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About Novel Coronaviruses

Reduce your risk of Coronavirus infection

Reduce your risk of Coronavirus infection:

Now good news is the Novel coronavirus disease in Wuhan,China was under control.

Bad news is the Novel coronavius is outbreak all over the world now, especially Japan, korea and italy are more serious, take care and protect youself when you go out to any Public occasions or stay at workplace. As an epidemic witness from the epidemic area, i would like to give you some advice:

The best way to protect youself  is try to stay  home and not go to crowded places if possible.

1.Simple ways to prevent the spread of hashtag#COVID19 in your workplace: -Make sure your workplaces are clean & hygienic. -Surfaces (e.g. desks & tables) & objects (e.g. ☎, ⌨) should be wiped with disinfectant regularly.

2. Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based Hand rub or soap and water.

3.When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or Tissue-throw Tissue away immediately and wash hands.

4. Avoid close Contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

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